Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lost Photos

So, I just discovered that the folder I had on the computer with 165 pictures of completed work and art as well as form drawing and piles of boks read has been deleted during a computer clean up...SO, I'm just going to gather those things up and let you thumb through them on eval day.  Sigh...hours and hours wasted,  I will NOT dwell on it, but I'm afraid I cannot recreate it either.  Sorry about that.

Also, don't forget to check http://www.spiralpathways.blogspot.com/ for family educational events and festivities.

Happy New Year!...so now what?

Ok so now my New Years resolution is documenting our school life a little better and the second half of the year IS the most important part anyway right?

Our science unit studies were beautiful and exciting but I'm afraid we don't have much to show for them so, as a review, I aim to do some of the activities suggested in the back of the books.  Lydia is also going to pursue her study of the physical sciences as well.

Math has become a hobby, especially for Shelby who is currently working in a 5-6 grade workbook for fun and put a printing calculator at the top of her Christmas list!
We will continue to do math drills and find fun games on line.

For Social Studies we will continue with The Story of the World and I will be adding some additional studies of Italy as we are having and Italy party on the 23rd, the first of what will hopefully be a monthly event featuring a different culture each time and complete with music, cuisine, language, dress and whatever else we can throw in.

Language will continue on with Intermediate, Primary and Language Lessons for the Very Young and continued reading practice with Grace.