Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Moon

Well, they do say that the new moon is a good time to start new projects! It just so happened that even though I had planned the first real main lesson block for the kids on the birth of the universe, it all got derailed so Mama could start a project of her own.

Money is tight for everyone right now and we are no exception. We even looked into the possibility of enrolling the kids in public school and my going to work full-time. I view this scenario as a last resort so I decided to look into making some extra money at home by going into the granola bar business! I threw myself into days of recipe perfecting, marketing and now full blown selling.

The kids have still been doing their daily practice work and lost of reading, but as for the main lesson, waiting there in those beautiful books, they will just have to wait till the next new moon.

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