Thursday, August 6, 2009

Before the new moon...

Two years ago we started all of our main lesson blocks on the new moon or as close to it as we could get. I'm not really sure why we abandoned this system because it seemed to work quite well. We started a fresh subject with the new moon, the lesson becoming more full-bodied as the moon became more full-bodied, learning to apply the subject matter to life as the moon waned and preparing ourselves for another educational adventure with the new cycle. This way of teaching really appeals to me and also keeps me on track which is good because I tend toward procrastination and the moon never takes a day off.

The new moon of August is not till the 20th so we will be taking the school days before then and doing quite a bit of reading and more practice work.

This week we will be focusing on fairy tales and on the 20th begin a main lesson block on them. They will hear the tale on day 1, re-tell, act out and illustrate on day 2 and write story captions and discuss the stories lessons on day three. Most stories will have more than one part, making the lesson stretch out the full week.

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