Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fairy Tales and Indian Food

This is our bed time reading for the month of August. For our actual Fairy Tale Block we will be using The Tales of Tip-Toes Lightly by Reg Down

The kids received a very full Indian history lesson this Monday at Rachel's house
and as part of our review we cooked up some delicious Indian food.
As the turmeric dyed vegetables simmered in the pan, the kids took turns re-telling The Life of Krishna. They all remembered his life quite vividly from his mischievous childhood ways to his daring defeats.
While the rice baked, we learned how to tie a sari. Lydia got one for her birthday last week.

Ahhhh, a feast! Curried zucchini and green pepper, Indian fried rice and puris.
While the girls cleaned up, I read the prologue of the Ramayana.

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