Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FUUSM Harvest Dinner

Second Annual Harvest Feast

This year's menu features organically grown vegetables almost exclusively grown in local gardens.

Local vegetable gardens: Grecni /Miller, Harrison, Baily, Prince, Putnam, the YMCA, and FUUSM's own corner of the community garden. The only vegetables not coming from one of our own gardens were several 'candy' onions bought from Whitten's roadside market and several ears of corn donated by a friend of the Baily's.

Herb Gardens: Grecni/Miller, Harrison and Hyde (Mint tea made by Jesse Hyde)

Walnut Creek cheese purchased at Huck's market and Food for Less (also butter)

Pasture-raised meat from Dixon's

Fruit for dessert crisps: Baily (blackberries), Stacy Strawberries and rhubarb, Wagner's peaches

Organic flour from Amish country, the Farmacy in Athens OH, Brighter Day and Giant Eagle

Pasta made from scratch this very day. Thanks to pasta makers Brice Henthorn, Debra Miller and Linda Dauber

Thanks to the rest of the food preparers Adeline Baily, Zena Grecni, Shari Miller and Luana Maddox


Fresh raw vegetables with yogurt dill dip
Fresh vegetable saute with fresh herb seasoning
Hand-made pasta
Green beans
Potatoes Au Gratin
Hasluska (cabbage and potatoes)

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